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I’m sure by now everyone has noticed that our neighbor at 1460 Rockview Lane has been evicted from the property.  The house has been under foreclosure since September of last year.  We have spoken to the bank’s representative and were told that the items in the yard will be cleaned up in a weeks time.  This is what the bank considers a “reasonable” amount of time for the homeowner to reclaim his possessions.  The next step is for the bank to hire someone to clean the property.

Considering that this is a large eye-soar on our neighborhood I am suggesting we organize a neighborhood clean up action.  The HOA will purchase some large trash bags and some rubber gloves.  It would be great If everyone could spare a little time Saturday morning to help straighten up the mess so it doesn’t look so bad until the bank does the final cleanup next week.  There are lots of loose items on the ground and it would be nice if we can prevent the trash from blowing up and down the street.  We’ll be outside around 10am tomorrow if anyone would like to join us.