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SAT. APRIL 21 at 5:00

at the Southall’s

1709 Rockview Terrace

HOA will provide hamburgers, hotdogs, drinks and a

MOONWALK for the kids

Bring a side dish or dessert

and a chair



My name is Melvin Music,—. My  cousin lives with us in our basement. Monday night she heard distinctly 3 knocks on our basement window. She was obviously scared and turned on every light in the house. Back on March 10th, myself and my wife again heard 3 taps on our ground level basement window. I walked around our home with a flashlight and found no one. I am a former Marine and I also worked law enforcent. I know that burglars often tap on windows in neighborhoods to see what kind of reactions they get prior to a break in. We alerted our immediate neighbors and have advised our cousin to contact Walton County sheriffs department should it occur again. We just wanted to let our HOA know what is happening so perhaps our neighbors can take a more alert posture. Thanks.
Melvin Music